Vichar Kranti

Divine Transformation/Vichar Kranti

This book can be considered as the building block for creation of ideal nation and peaceful world. Vichar Kranti is an effort of Patanjali Yogpeeth to make this world free from diseases, sorrow, poverty and fear by transforming the thoughts of the people and showing them ways to achieve clear mind through yoga. This is a humble attempt of Swami Ramdev ji and Acharya Balkrishna Ji for generating positive perceptions of people towards life, nation and the world. The book is a blessing for the mankind as it helps people to transform their lives from the darkness of sorrow to the sunlight of wisdom. Vichar Kranti has answers to all sorts of questions which arise in the mind of an individual for attaining peace and happiness.

Publisher :- Divya Prakashan
Author :- Acharya Balkrishna
Pages :- 248
Cover :-Paperback

Language ISBN No.
English 978-93-85721-35-9
 Hindi  978-93-85721-04-5
 Assamese  978-93-85721-38-0
 Bengali  978-93-85721-06-9
 Gujarati  978-93-85721-37-3
 Marathi  978-93-85721-39-7
 Nepali  978-93-85721-05-2
 Oriya  978-93-85721-40-3
 Punjabi  978-93-85721-36-6
 Kannada  978-93-85721-41-0
 Kumauni  978-93-85721-73-1
 Garhwali  978-93-85721-72-4
Book Vichar Kranti